Standard Bundled Units for Storage

Store, inject and withdraw your gas at Loenhout on an annual or longer-term basis

Product description

Standard Bundled Units (SBUs) always consist of:

  • an injection service
  • a storage volume service
  • a send-out service

You can book your SBUs on a Firm or Conditional basis. 

Nature Injection [m³(n)/h] Storage Volume [MWh]  Withdrawal [m³(n)/h]
Firm 0,85294 25,07924 1,70588
Conditional 0,25588 2,04160 0,42647 



  • Your gas in stock on 1 November must amount to 90% or more of the actual storage volume.
  • Your gas in stock on 15 Februarymust amount to 30% or more of the subscribed storage volume. This 30% threshold may be reduced depending on the winter temperatures (degree-days).

More information about the operational conditions

How to book SBUs?

1. Not yet a storage user? Sign our Standard Storage Agreement (SSA).
2. Contact us at to book your SBUs.

More info on the storage service tariffs


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