Terms and conditions Fluxys Belgium - storage

How to sign a storage contract ?

  • Be part of our storage users.
  • Use the services that fit your needs.

What kind of contract do I have to sign ?

The Standard Storage Agreement which sets out the terms and conditions applying to our services.

How to sign this quickly ?

  1. Complete and send us these contact detail form back to info.storage@fluxys.com.
  2. We will send you 2 copies of the contract for signature.
  3. Send us one copy back by post and begin to use our services.

More info over our services

Consult the Storage Programme to learn more about the regulated storage services.

Documents approved by the CREG

During the year, consultations are organized via our website to know your opinion on our services. Following these consultations, our contracts are modified according to your remarks, and are submitted to the CREG for approval.

The following documents were approved by the CREG on 24 November 2011, 21 February 2013 and 28 May 2014.


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