Become an IUK Shipper 


Become an IUK Shipper in only 3 steps

The sign up process takes approximately 5 days.

1 - Get started

2 - Confirm that you want to become a shipper

  • Send us a scanned copy of the signature page via email.

3 - Ready to book capacity

  • Be registered on PRISMA to buy capacity via the auctions.
  • Be registered with our IAM partners to buy via Implicit Allocation.

Good to know before becoming an IUK Shipper

Credit support

We will carry out a ratings test to determine whether credit support is required. This can be provided as:

You will not be required to provide credit support if your company holds a long term debt rating which is at least:

  • BBB+ (S&P)
  • BAA1 (Moody's)
  • BBB+ (Fitch)

For more info, please see Clause 3 of the IAA.


Our products and services

See our General Terms & Conditions and learn more about our services.


See our tariff page.


Operational Information

See our operational information

You can become an IUK Shipper

Like many of the major energy market players in Europe.

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