Shorthaul - OCUC

The cheapest way to transport your natural gas on specific direct routes between two interconnection points


Product description

Shorthauls are the cheapest way to transport natural gas between two interconnection points through specific direct routes, without entering the transmission grid in Belgium.

The quantity of natural gas you inject at an interconnection point and offtake at another interconnection point needs to be hourly balanced.



An Operational Capacity Usage Commitment (OCUC) is a shorthaul that combines the use of entry and exit services at pre-established interconnection points.

Available combinations:

  • Between VIP THE-ZTP (Germany) and VIP BENE (The Netherlands) in both directions
  • Between VIP BENE (The Netherlands) and IZT or Zeebrugge (Belgium) in both directions
  • Between Virtualys or Dunkirk LNG Terminal (France) and IZT or Zeebrugge (Belgium), unidirectional



How to book?

  • Select an available combination
  • Use PRISMA to book, for at least 1 gas day and for the same period, the required capacity at your selected interconnection points
  • Use PRISMA to convert your entry and exit capacity into an OCUC within 15 days after subscribing the capacities and no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the service

More details in video

More information on how to book an OCUC and check our tariffs




Available Capacities

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