Why this project?

If a new natural gas-fired power plant is built in Dilsen (industrial zone in Rotem), then the municipality will need a new 2.3-km pipeline. The plan is to build the new pipeline almost entirely on private property in parallel with the existing high-voltage line in the Rotem industrial zone. It would then continue towards the southwest, connecting to the existing pipeline in Dilsen Driepaal.

Construction of the pipeline is planned for 2023 at the earliest (once the permits are secured) and will depend on which power stations are chosen after the capacity supply auction scheduled for late 2021. With the auction and the capacity compensation mechanism, the federal government aims to ensure that there is sufficient capacity to meet demand for electricity after the nuclear phase-out.



Landowners and operators have their own point of contact at Fluxys, from the preliminary study of a project to the restoration of a site following the construction of a pipeline. This allows them to consult with someone familiar with their concerns and the features of their land from the outset.

When? With whom? On what?
From June 2021 onwards
Landowners and operators Identification of and initial contact with the parties concerned
Autumn 2021 Landowners and operators Information sessions presenting the project
After the start of the Declaration of Public Utility procedure Landowners Conclusion of easement agreements with the owners of land crossed by the pipeline
Before work on the work area starts Operators Production of a joint site description
Once the trench has been dug Operators Production of a description of any drainage present
After the restoration of drainage Operators Confirmation that drainage has been restored
After the restoration of the site(s) Operators Acceptance of the site(s) +
joint evaluation of damage and payment of compensation

Permit procedures

Permit procedure Status
Declaration of Public Utility In preparation, to be submitted in 2022
Environmental permit for the route in the Flemish Region In preparation, to be submitted in 2022
Transmission permit In preparation, to be submitted in 2022