Imbalance pooling service

No more imbalances in the ZTP market area


Automatically transfer your hourly imbalance and/or the difference between your purchases and sales of ZTP physical trading services to another shipper.


Why request an Imbalance Pooling Service?

  • To avoid hourly monitoring of your balancing position and consequently all balancing settlements.
  • To use someone else's Zeebrugge capacity to transfer netted trades for ZTP physical trading services to your balancing position.
  • To aggregate multiple balancing positions to achieve net-offs between them.

More information about the Imbalance Pooling Service


How to book an Imbalance Pooling Service?

1. Find a counter party and decide who will transfer (imbalance transferor) and who will receive (imbalance transferee) capacity.
2. Fill in our imbalance pooling form.
3. Send the form to
4. We will send you a form confirming the start of your Imbalance Pooling Service.

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