Fix / Flex tariff

  • 12.11.2019
    A major milestone has been achieved. Balansys becomes Balancing operator for the Belux area. Participate in our market consultation as from 12 November until 11 December 2019 on the changes in the regulatory documents.


During the annual subscription window, you can apply for the FIX / FLEX tariff at an end-user domestic exit point (firm-capacity type).

Here you pay a fixed rate (the 'fix' component) for the subscribed capacity, which must cover the peak demand of an end customer. This component accounts for 50% of the yearly tariff. You also pay a variable rate (the 'flex' component) based on the actual capacity used, expressed in operating hours (= allocated volumes divided by booked capacities).

For more details, go to our FIX / FLEX tariffs.


How does the subscription window work? 

In the early weeks of December each year, you can participate in the subscription window for the FIX / FLEX tariff for the next calendar year.

  • To this end, you will receive an email with a link to our application form.
  • Complete the form and return it to
  • After the subscription window, we will confirm your application.

Did you already request transmission services for a given end-user domestic exit point before the subscription window, and do you want to book the FIX / FLEX tariff for this exit point?

If so, we will cancel your existing transmission services and replace them with the new volumes requested for that calendar year.

Conditions for the FIX / FLEX tariff

  • You can only apply during the subscription window. After the subscription window, you can't request any additional capacity.
  • Capacity must always be booked for a whole calendar year.
  • Only available for transmission services to end-user domestic exit points (firm-capacity type)
  • If various grid users are operating at the same end-user domestic exit point, all the grid users must book FIX / FLEX for that calendar year at that end-user exit point.
  • Cannot be combined with the yearly, seasonal or short-term tariff at the same end-user domestic exit point. If you opt for FIX / FLEX, you subsequently won't be able to book extra capacity.
  • Only available for end-user domestic exit points in the case of end users whose connection no longer falls under a bank guarantee payable on first demand.

You will find more information about the general terms and conditions in our Access Code for Transmission



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