Day Ahead Market/Non-Nominated Service (DAM/NNS) for Storage

Optimise the use of your storage capacity


Overnominate your subscribed injection or withdrawal capacity and get extra daily capacity.

This service is interruptible and consists of:

  • Day Ahead Market (DAM) is Physical capacity.

Published every day in the private area of the Electronic Data Platform (EDP).

  • Non-Nominated Service (NNS) is Non-nominated capacity.

View the hourly nominations in the public area of the Electronic Data Platform. The available non-nominated quantities can change every hour.

Capacity is allocated between storage users on a pro rata basis, according to the requested quantities of DAM/NNS.

You pay the maximum hourly excess for the day at the firm Withdrawal or firm injection tariff for one day.

Our tariffs



How to book?

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