Loading a LNG truck/container

Load your LNG truck at the LNG Zeebrugge and Dunkirk Terminals at any time


Load your containers and semi-trailers up to 45 m³ (20 tonnes). This is ideal for supplying:

  • industrial users not connected to the natural gas grid (e.g. Scandinavia).
  • small ships running on LNG.
  • LNG to filling stations.

Zeebrugge : Simultaneous loading via two loading stations.
Dunkerque : A loading station is now available.

As well as loading, you can make use of a truck/container cooldown service

Before a LNG truck/container can be loaded, it must be technically cold enough for such an operation. This service is available at the LNG Zeebrugge and Dunkirk Terminals.


How to book?

At Zeebrugge

1. Sign a loading contract (LTL) with Fluxys LNG.

2. Complete this form and send it back to info.LNG@fluxys.com to book your slot(s).

3. Check that your truck/container has been approved by the terminal.

4. Go to the Electronic Data Platform (EDP) and plan your loading operation.


At Dunkirk

Contact us to reserve a truck loading.


Good to know

LNG/CNG stations for trucks in Europe:

*Please note that this service is not available at Zeebrugge and Dunkirk terminals.

Auch interessant

LNG Terminalling

Truck/container approval

The compatibility of the LNG truck/container with the terminal must be verified before every loading operation.
LNG Terminalling

Data services - Terminal user

Get directly access to your portfolio
Consult your data through the Electronic Data Platform at any time and for free
LNG Terminalling

LNG Methane Number

The Methane Number of the gas is of extreme importance for optimized engine operation. In Zeebrugge it is consistently above 80.
LNG Terminalling

Purchasing LNG at Zeebrugge

Planning an operation at Zeebrugge Terminal but don’t have any LNG ?
No problem - you have 3 options.