Load your LNG in trucks or containers in Zeebrugge

Load your LNG truck or container at the Zeebrugge terminal at any time.

Product description

Zeebrugge has two loading stations to load your containers or semi-trailers.

This is ideal for supplying:

  • Industrial users not connected to a natural gas grid
  • Small ships running on LNG
  • LNG to filling stations

Cost of this operation

Tariff applicable during the month of October 2021, calculated with the index of September 2021.
Loading Service
Available FCFS

Good to know

  • Load a truck or ISO - container in 45 minutes. Our 1.5 hour slot gives ample flexibility.
  • Up to 8,000 capacity slots per year.
  • Interested to sell your LNG at Zeebrugge? Reduce your LNG in storage by getting in touch with truck loading companies or discover your other options.

LNG/CNG stations for trucks in Europe

*Please note that this service is not available at the Zeebrugge and Dunkirk LNG terminals.

Check availability and book

  1. Check the availability of the Truckloading slots (see below - LNG truck slots).

  2. Sign a free LNG Agreement for LNG Truck loading (LTL) and receive your user ID and password to access our tool Truck Manager.

  3. Subscribe First Committed First Served by completing this form and send it back to info.LNG@fluxys.com.

      - Select an available slot for scheduling and you will be redirected to our Truck Manager for Zeebrugge
      - Confirm the scheduling of this selected slot.

  4. Get the approval by the terminal for your truck and container.

  5. Get the training for the truckdriver to enter the Terminal.

Legend :

ALS = Assisted Loading Service
SLS = Self Loading Service
CDS = Cool Down Service
TAS = Truck Approval Service
DAS =Truck Driver Approval Service

LNG bays are mentioned for simplification purposes only and do not represent a commitment on which loading bay to use in practice.

All timings are expressed in Central European Time (CET).

Auch interessant

LNG Terminalling

Truck/container approval

The compatibility of the LNG truck/container with the terminal must be verified before every loading operation.
LNG Terminalling

Data services - Terminal user

Get directly access to your portfolio
Consult your data through the Electronic Data Platform at any time and for free
LNG Terminalling

Purchasing LNG at Zeebrugge

Planning an operation at Zeebrugge Terminal but don’t have any LNG ?
No problem - you have 3 options.