Unloading LNG carriers

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) from anywhere in the world can be transported by LNG carrier to Zeebrugge and Dunkirk and be unloaded there


Ability to unload LNG carriers with capacities between 1.000 and 267.000 m³

Simultaneous unloading possible at three jetties (two at Zeebrugge and one at Dunkirk)

After regasification (up to 40 GWh/h) :

- Immediate access to the French (TRF) and Belgian (ZTP) markets
- Downstream access to the Dutch (TTF), UK (NBP) and German (NCG and Gaspool) markets

Environmentally friendly regasification using residual-heat technology and Open Rack Vaporizer (ORV)

Ability to reload LNG carriers and LNG trucks 


More information about tariffs and types of berthing rights.

Good to know : Dunkerque vs Zeebrugge


Reserving an unloading operation

At Dunkirk: 

1. Choose your unloading date

Short term availability:
View the available slots (UIOLI)

Long term availability:

  • 3 BCM (2,2 million tonnes per annum (MTPA)) available until 2036

More availability?
Contact us

2. Contact us to reserve a slot


At Zeebrugge:

1. Choose your unloading date

Short-term availability:
Primary and Secondary market (more information)

  • 7 October 2019 on sale by EDF Trading. 

Long-term availability:

  • The Zeebrugge LNG Terminal is sold-out for long-term large scale unloadings until 2044.  

More availability?
Contact us

2. Sign the unloading agreement (LSA) with Fluxys LNG

3. Contact us to info.lng@fluxys.com to book a slot 

4. Your unloading is automatically reserved


Auch interessant

LNG Terminalling

Loading LNG carriers

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) stored in tanks at Zeebrugge and Dunkirk can be loaded by small or large-scale LNG carriers.
LNG Terminalling


Transfer your liquefied natural gas (LNG) from ship to ship at Zeebrugge and Dunkirk terminals
LNG Terminalling

Loading a LNG truck/container

Load your LNG truck at Zeebrugge Terminal at any time
LNG Terminalling

Ship approval procedure

Ensure that your LNG ships are compatible with the facilities of Zeebrugge and Dunkirk terminals

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