Interconnector UK - Stakeholder consultation


2019 Annual Review of IUK's Access Terms and Charging Methodology 

As from 23 May until 20 June 2019, a stakeholder consultation is being held by IUK on the Access Terms and Charging Methodology.

The changes include several simplifications and amendments which were identified during the Annual Review (see IUK Consultation Letter):

  • Introduction of a conditional firm capacity product to maximise the offering of UK import capacity for products falling within or containing Q4 and Q1. 
  • Proposition to extend the Implicit Allocation product offering to firstly allow capacity to be booked further in advance and secondly to enable a Shipper who is selling natural gas to buy a matching quantity of capacity.


The following documents are proposed for consultation :

IUK Access Agreement (“IAA”) – changes tracked
IUK Access Code (“IAC”) – changes tracked
IUK Charging Methodology (“CM”) – changes tracked


How to participate ? 

We would appreciate comments from all interested parties. 

  • Please send your response to by 17:30 UKT on 20 June 2019.
  • IUK will review the responses received and will aim to submit its proposals on all areas outlined above to Ofgem and CREG for approval in July 2019. Subject to regulatory approval the amended IUK Access Terms and IUK Charging Methodology will be effective from the day of the regulatory decision.
  • Please ensure that a “read receipt” is requested to confirm that your response has been received by IUK.
  • Please note that any responses not marked confidential may be published on IUK’s website. Confidential responses may be shared with Ofgem and CREG, at their request.



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