Truck Loading: Call for Market Interest

From June 17th until July 17th 2020, Fluxys is running a call for market interest regarding the expansion of the truck loading capacity.

The LNG Terminal in Zeebrugge was one of the first terminals in North-West Europe to offer truck loading services back in 2010. A recent expansion led to a doubling of the capacity, with Fluxys now offering 8000 loading slots per year at two loading bays. Fluxys is actively involved in developing the small-scale LNG market: in addition to projects aiming at an ongoing improvement of its installations (e.g. intermodal transport and LNG hub), it is contemplating a further expansion of its truck loading services. Hence this call for market interest for additional truck loading bays.

Please fill out the online form to show your interest in additional truck loading bays at the Fluxys Terminal in Zeebrugge.


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