LNG Truck Loadings at Zeebrugge breaking records in 2019

LNG Truck Loadings at Zeebrugge breaking records in 2019

Small Scale LNG is a booming business these days. Thanks to its intrinsic environmental benefits and low cost, LNG replaces more and more traditional fuels in the maritime and road transport sector as well as for industrial sites which are not connected to the natural gas grid.

In Zeebrugge LNG Truck Loading activity is on its way to new records.

Since January 2019 trucks loading LNG at Zeebrugge numbered 1862, a new annual high, and the year hasn't elapsed yet.

All-time record levels were also reached during the months of May (194), July (233) and September (238).

How can we explain this major increase of LNG Truck Loading at Zeebrugge?

First of all, in the context of the current energy transition, LNG is an environmentally-friendly fuel compared to traditional fuels and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Secondly, a major factor is the spread between forward pricing of oil products compared to natural gas prices.

Or... Maybe it's because most engines have the best fuel efficiency for a methane number higher than 80 and this level is consistently exceeded in Zeebrugge…


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