May 2019 absolute record month at Zeebrugge LNG terminal

No less than 13 vessels moored at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal in May 2019, setting a new monthly record since commissioning of the facility in 1987. Truck loading at the facility saw a new all-time high as well.

Large scale LNG

  • Unloading – 6 conventional LNG carriers unloaded their LNG at the Zeebrugge terminal for temporary storage and subsequent regasification and send-out into the transmission network for delivery throughout Northwest Europe. The facility in 2019 saw a total of 30 unloadings until the end of May, i.e. three times more than in 2018 over the same period.
  • Transshipment – 3 ice-class LNG carriers made direct ship-to-ship LNG transshipments onto conventional carriers.

Small scale LNG

  • Small vessel loading – 1 LNG bunkering vessel, the Cardissa, loaded at the second jetty to supply ships using LNG as fuel. This was the 9th LNG bunkering vessel loading operation in 2019.
  • Truck loading – The second truck loading bay built in 2018 has been fully operational since 2019 and May saw a record number of 194 trucks being loaded.



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