Shorthaul - Zee Platform

Flow unlimited quantities of natural gas between 2 or more interconnection points in the Zeebrugge area for a fixed monthly price


Shorthauls are the cheapest way to transport natural gas between two interconnection points through specific direct routes, without entering the transmission grid in Belgium.

The quantity of natural gas you inject at an interconnection point and offtake at another interconnection point needs to be hourly balanced


Zee Platform

The Zee Platform allows you to flow unlimited volumes of natural gas between 2 or more selected IPs in the Zeebrugge area.

4 IPs linking production fields to market areas and trading places in Northwest Europe: 

  • IZT: your direct link with the UK
  • Zeepipe Terminal (ZPT): your direct link with Norway
  • Zeebrugge LNG Terminal: your gateway to supply LNG into EU
  • Zeebrugge: your direct access to the ZTP Physical hub, a trading point for natural gas

No additional Entry/Exit capacity booking is needed as you don’t enter the Belux market zone (ZTP Notional).

The price per month depends on your choice for 2, 3 or 4 IP's.



How to book?

Available Capacities

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ZTP (BE - LUX)Transmission

Entry / Exit on Interconnection Points - Belgium

Your solution to enter the Belgian market area, trade on ZTP, supply the Belgian domestic market and connect with adjacent markets
ZTP (BE - LUX)Transmission

Shorthaul - OCUC

OCUCs are the cheapest way to transport your natural gas on specific direct routes between two interconnection points.