Gas & Innovation

    Bringing the energy transition forward

    Fluxys is committed to bring the energy transition forward. As natural gas and green gas have an important role in building a carbon-neutral economy with better air quality, our gas infrastructure is key to help ensure a successful and smooth energy transition. Our assets are an essential complement to electricity infrastructure and serve as a cornerstone for secure, sustainable and affordable energy systems.


    The cost savings of using gas infrastructure to deliver on the energy transition are huge. A comprehensive study by energy consultancy Ecofys found that the use of green gas via existing gas infrastructure in the EU in 2050 may be around €140 billion cheaper annually than a future energy system without any role for green gas.


    Gas infrastructure today provides society with an energy that has the lowest climate and health impact among fossil fuels. As we switch the gas infrastructure to accommodate increasing amounts of green gas, it serves as a highly efficient platform for a carbon-neutral energy system.


    Gas infrastructure provides huge capacities to store and transport energy while offering massive amounts of peak load capacity as well. This is how it adds to the energy system the necessary resilience to cope with both the large amounts of energy and peak capacity required for heating, power generation, and back-up of variable renewable power generation.

    Making the double switch

    As natural gas has the most favourable emission profile among fossil fuels, making the switch from high emission energy sources to natural gas alongside renewable electricity is key to immediately curb the climate and health impacts of heating, power generation, mobility and industry. At the same time the gas infrastructure needs to switch to progressively increasing quantities of green gas like biomethane, synthetic gas and green hydrogen.

    Tomorrow's Energy System

    Future energy mix

    Platform for carbon-neutral energy

    Fluxys is committed to innovate the energy landscape into a setup in which gas infrastructure serves as a platform for a carbon-neutral system in which green gas alongside natural gas fosters synergies with the electricity system.

    Gas for mobility

    Gas currently fuels about 1.3 million vehicles in Europe and the increasing number of fuelling stations accommodates growing demand.

    • Compressed natural gas (CNG) for passenger cars, buses and light duty vehicles: CNG vehicles work beautifully in tandem with electric vehicles as they have a wider autonomy and are cheaper to run, which makes cleaner driving accessible to a wider audience.
    • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy duty trucks and ships: LNG and bio-LNG are an important alternative for making shipping and heavy freight transport more sustainable.


    Biomethane is green gas extracted from organic waste and upgraded to be transported like natural gas through the gas systems for heating, power generation, industry and mobility.

    More about green on Canal Z (French)


    Power-to-gas technology converting electricity into carbon-neutral green hydrogen or synthetic methane. It is the vital link to make the complementarity between electricity and gas work: gas systems capture excess green electricity that otherwise would be lost and move it as gas to storage or deliver it for heating, mobility or industry.

    Carbon capture and utilisation/storage (CCUS)

    For part of the industrial processes and electricity generation, fossil fuels are currently the only option. Captured carbon from these processes can be recycled in products such as polymers or steel and for the production of synthetic gas through power-to-gas. If carbon recycling is not feasible, it can be stored in e.g.depleted gas or oil fields.

    Our Initiatives

    LNG Truck Loading

    We invest in developing and expanding the LNG truck loading options at the Zeebrugge and Dunkirk LNG terminals.

    Port of Antwerp LNG bunkering options

    On top of offering truck-to-ship bunkering facilities in the Port of Antwerp we invest in an LNG bunkering pontoon to offer ship-to-ship bunkering in the Antwerp port area.


    Fluxys with Eoly (Colruyt Group) and Parkwind join forces in a feasibility study for an industrial scale power-to-gas facility to convert a load of 25 MW electricity from wind into green hydrogen. The project receives support from the Belgian Federal Fund for Energy Transition.

    LNG Fuelling Stations

    We support the uptake of LNG as fuel for heavy duty trucks: investments with haulage company Mattheeuws in LNG-fuelling stations in Veurne and most recently Houdeng, Belgium.

    Port of Antwerp CCUS

    Fluxys and the Port of Antwerp join forces in a feasibility study on solutions for capturing carbon from industry in the port, transporting it by pipeline or ship and finally re-using or storing it. We will jointly promote concrete projects upon a positive outcome of the study.

    Innovative gas heating solutions

    Fluxys has become partner in BoostHEAT to support the company’s bringing to market of its highly innovative thermodynamic boiler technology combining natural gas or green gas with ambient renewable energy.

    Green gas uptake

    Fluxys with gas federation and the gas distribution system operators in Belgium set up a register of guarantees of origin enabling consumers anywhere in Belgium to buy green gas.

    Green Gas register

    Guarantees of origin