Shaping the hydrogen and carbon infrastructure for Belgium: infosession on 26/01/2021

    Joining forces

    Building the hydrogen and carbon infrastructure for Belgium requires careful planning, design and repurposing or construction over many years. In our approach we join forces with industry and other stakeholders to ensure that the required capacities come on line as needed and with sufficient economy of scale. At the same time we keep the infrastructure development coherent with the long-term planning horizon 2050.

    Starting now

    We want to facilitate the market at best and are therefore starting an extensive commercial process to map out how supply and demand for hydrogen and carbon will evolve over time. The outcome of the process will be the basis for modelling the development of the infrastructure in a coordinated way according to the needs.

    We are kicking off the commercial process with a virtual infosession: market players wishing to participate in the hydrogen or carbon market in Belgium are more than welcome!

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    Don’t miss out this opportunity to help shape the infrastructure for your needs of tomorrow: now is the time to get moving so that we get there.

    When: 26/01/2021 from 14:00 to 15:30 CET

    Format: virtual infosession


    • Achieving the decarbonisation objective: the momentum is now
    • Fluxys’ plan to roll out the hydrogen and carbon transmission infrastructure
    • Commercial approach proposal
    • First technical orientations

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