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Key Figures

  31/12/2018 31/12/2017
Financial ratios    
Solvency 56% 57%
FFO* Interest Coverage 7.1 6.4
Net Financial Debt/extended RAB* 28% 30%
FFO*/Net Financial Debt 28% 27%
RCF*/Net Financial Debt 18% 18%
Income statement in thousands of €    
Operating Revenue 503,246 510,528
EBITDA* 278,382 283,171
EBIT* 120,601 129,320
Net Profit* 54,469 70,321
Balance sheet in thousands of €    
Investments for the period in property, plant and equipment 78,139 83,354
Total property, plant and equipment 2,181,771 2,250,659
Equity 687,156 713,795
Net Financial Debt 881,932 950,528
Total consolidated balance sheet 2,914,902 3,290,873
Financial indicators
RAB in millions of €
Transmission 2,194.2 2,257.9
Storage 246.1 253.3
LNG terminalling 324.6 328.0
Property, plant and equipment besides RAB in millions of € 376.6 335.6
Extended RAB in millions of € 3,141.5 3,174.8
WACC before taxes
Transmission 4.04% 4.31%
Storage 3.71% 3.99%
LNG Terminalling 3.40% 3.65%

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Annual release:
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Shareholders may exercise their financial rights at BELFIUS


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Share Information

Share Price


Fluxys Belgium's share is noted on NYSE Euronext. For a real-time share price visit the Euronext website.

Annual Summary

Fluxys Belgium share: an annual summary (in €)
Price Maximum 28.00 27.10 29.00 27.80 30.50
Minimum 24.00 24.75 25.41 24.45 26.03
Closing rate at 31 December 24.50 26.04 26.00 26.46 27.09
Average rate 26.31 26.03 27.02 25.92 28.38
Net profit per share 0.78 1.00 0.69 0.87 0.86
Price/profit ratio at 31 December 31 26 38 30 32
Number of shares 70,263,501 70,263,501 70,263,501 70,263,501 70,263,501
Average daily volume traded 2,204 2,195 1,709 2,746 2,352

Shareholder Structure

Class D

Class D shares are quoted on Euronext Brussels.


Fluxys is a public limited company under Belgian law.

Golden Share

The Belgian state holds a Golden Share in order to secure the Belgian federal state energy policy and is represented by the Finance Minister.

General meetings

Ordinary General Meeting on 14 May 2019

Participation to General Meetings

Information regarding the rights for shareholders to attend to the General Meetings in French or in Dutch

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association of Fluxys Belgium valid since the Extraordinary Annual General Meeting of 2015 in French or in Dutch

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Archive of General Meetings

General shareholder info

Number of shares and voting rights
Total capital €60,271,698.31
Total number of shares with voting right 70,263,501 shares
Total number of voting rights (denominator) 70,263,501 voting rights
Number of shares with voting right, by Category
Category B 58,523,700 shares
Category D 11,739,800 shares
Golden Share 1 share
Number of voting rights, by Category
Category B 58,523,700 voting rights
Category D 11,739,800 voting rights
Golden Share 1 voting right
Thresholds required under the articles of association
No thresholds are required under the articles of association
Warrants and convertible bonds
No warrants or convertible bonds were issued


Fluxys Belgium's net profits totalled €47.6 million, up from €44.7 million in 2017. This increase on the previous financial year is due to the same reasons as the changes in the consolidated results, namely the rise in interest rates for linear bonds (OLOs), which affects the regulated rate of return, efficiency gains, dividend income, and lower profits from non-regulated activities.

Since 2010, barring unforeseen events, Fluxys Belgium has striven towards distributing 100% of its annual net profits plus the share of reserves freed up as and when the revaluation surplus is depreciated.

At its General Meeting on 14 May 2019, Fluxys Belgium will propose paying out a gross dividend of €1.26 per share by releasing €9.9 million from unavailable reserves.

Taking into account a profit of €43.3 million carried over from the previous financial year and a withdrawal of €50.6 million from the reserves, the Board of Directors will propose to the General Meeting that the profits be allocated as follows:

  • €88.5 million as a dividend payout, and
  • €53.0 million as profit to be carried forward.

If that profit allocation proposal is adopted, the total gross dividend for the 2018 financial year will total €1.26 per share. This amount will be payable from 23 May 2019 onwards.

Dividend payment

Payment of dividend for financial year 2018 in French or in Dutch

Payment of dividend for financial year 2017 in French or in Dutch

Payment of dividend for financial year 2016 in French or in Dutch

Payment of dividend for financial year 2015 in French or in Dutch

Payment of dividend for financial year 2014 in French or in Dutch

Payment of dividend for financial year 2013 in French or in Dutch

Bond Information


Amount Issuance Maturity Coupon ISIN
€300 million October 2017 October 2027 1.750% BE0002292614
€50 million October 2017 October 2032 2.375% BE0002293620
€250 million November 2014 November 2029 2.750% BE0002218841
€100 million November 2014 November 2034 3.250% BE0002219856


Fluxys Belgium bond issuance 2017

Fluxys Belgium bond issuance 2014

Notifications in accordance with the legislation on transparency

Ordinary notification of 13 December 2017

Fluxys press release relaying the information contained in the notification of 13 December 2017:
Fluxys press release dated on 2 January 2018

Notifications in accordance with the legislation on public take-over bids

Notification of major participation by Publigaz and Fluxys of 31 August 2016

Notification of major participation by Publigaz and Fluxys of 31 August 2015


Contact Legal

  • Fluxys BelgiumAvenue des Arts 31, B-1040 Brussels
    +32 2 230 02 39

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