Subscribing services

Requesting services: several sales channels

In order to subscribe and use transmission services, a party must first register as a grid user, as described in the access code for transmission (ACT - Attachment B). 

Transmission services can be requested as follows, depending on the service and / or point:

  • on the multi-TSO capacity platform PRISMA; and/or
  • on Fluxys' Electronic Booking System (EBS); and/or
  • in writing

An overview of the sales channels per service is availabe here.

PRISMA is a joint initiative with other TSOs aiming at the implementation of a platform connecting European natural gas markets by the implementation of the European Network Code for Capacity Allocation Mechanisms ("CAM NC")

> Go to PRISMA

Capacity services offered on PRISMA are made available via auctions as standard products (Year, Quarter, Month, Day-Ahead and Within-Day), either as bundled capacity services, either as unbundled services.

ENTSOG makes available the auction calendar on a yearly basis, for the period of March of the considered year until February the next year.

 > Auction Calendar for Y, Q and M auctions scheduled for March 2018 until February 2019 (incl)

 > Auction Calendar for D and WD auctions scheduled for March 2018 until February 2019 (incl)

Electronic Booking System (EBS)

Some capacity services (depending on the point) can be subscribed using the web based electronic booking system of Fluxys Belgium, which is part of the electronic data platform.

In general, services can be subscribed on Fluxys' EBS until D-1 at midnight.

> To the web platform

More information on how to book a service on EBS is available here.

Subscribing services in writing

Grid users can submit requests for some services (depending on the point), by completing the following service request form.

Service Request Form   Excel

More information on how to submit a service request in writing is available here.

Assignment of services (secondary market)

The secondary market is an alternative source for grid users looking to buy capacity and an outlet for grid users wishing to sell capacity they do not intend to use. Grid users are offered a dedicated environment for buying and selling interconnection capacity on the secondary market either through the platform PRISMA secondary, either in writing.

> Go to PRISMA secondary

> Assignment of services in writing (worksheet "Assignment")

Capacity towards distribution networks

Such capacity is allocated implicitely by Fluxys Belgium. More information can be found here















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